Team: The Fruit and Nut Tree Group

Last Updated: 15th November, 2018


Marie Crowe


Tel: 216 5690 or 0272078575


To plant fruit trees in public places in South Invercargill that will provide fresh home grown fruit free for the picking. To teach South Alive residents how to grow and care for fruit trees.

What have we done?

  • Planted 15 feijoa trees at Aurora College for Arbour day and 5 feijoa trees at Fernworth Primary
  • Planted more than 70 fruit trees of various species in 6 public spaces in South Invercargill
  • Planted 3 fruit trees at New River Primary School
  • Organised a fruit tree grafting workshop for the community where participants learned how to graft, and were able to take home their tree for $5
  • Made or obtained mulch for 99% of our orchards
  • Maintaining all the trees and orchard areas
  • Underplanting trees with fruiting bushes
  • Organised and run grafting workshops
  • Fundraising barbecues to be almost self supporting for purchase of trees, equipment and vests

Forward Plan

  • Pruning in the autumn
  • Another fruit tree grafting workshop