Calling all who call South Invercargill home! Operation Zero Rubbish is a program that needs people like you to pick your battlefield today! Using the interactive map, you can click and drag to nominate the area you will keep free of rubbish!

Use the map below to protect your land today! If you need help you can contact us.

Goal: The goal of Operation Zero Rubbish is to increase our sense of pride in South Invercargill through keeping it rubbish free.

We came up with this project because: rubbish was identified as a major problem when we did some research and people said it was their second biggest reason for not feeling a sense of pride in how South Invercargill looks and feels.

Our Solution was to come up with the Operation Zero Rubbish project which aims to get every street and park in South Invercargill adopted by a person/group/family and kept free of rubbish.

The history of the project is we started in September 2012 with a flier drop to every household in South Invercargill. Then in October 2012 we had the Big [Rubbish] Day Out – a one day clean-up of all streets and parks followed by free party and BBQ. We did a second flier drop around April 2013, and in June celebrated the adoption of our 100th street.

Who’s on the project?

Lots of families, especially those with young children. Individuals – young people, older people, groups of beneficiaries. Businesses adopting a street as a workplace contribution.

Almost all kindergartens and daycare centres. Aurora College has 7 classes that have adopted streets and Southland Girls High has a few streets. The Department of Corrections does some of the green space between Clyde and Ness Streets.

What do we need?

Street and Park adoptions: We still have streets that need adopting, and people move away so streets need re-adopting. You can sign up for anything from one block to several streets – whatever you think you’ve got time for. Then the idea is you go over your area on a regular basis, possibly once a week, and keep it free of rubbish.

Project help: We also need people to help manage the project, by keeping in touch with volunteers and keeping the adopted areas up to date. So if you’d be interested in this, either contact us directly or sign up as a volunteer and tick the Zero Rubbish team. We’ll then contact you.