Project Outcomes

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Community Research on Changes in Attitudes and Levels of Pride

Each year we conduct one on one research with a minimum of 210 South Invercargill residents to determine their level of pride in how South Invercargill looks and feels.

Our latest research shows that we have made substantial progress in changing the community’s view of South Invercargill. The percentage who agree, or strongly agree, with the statement, “I feel a sense of pride in how South Invercargill looks and feels” has risen from 35% in 2012 to 82.5% in 2015. Results are shown in the graphs below:

"A sense of pride in the way South Invercargill looks and feels"

"Those who disagree"

Views of South Alive performance

Our annual research also measures awareness of South Alive and views about our effectiveness. The results are shown below. In summary, the 2015 results showed that:

The total, in 2015, of all those who think we’re making some degree of positive difference is 91.3%.

Note: The first round of research in 2012 was conducted some 10 weeks after South Alive began.

Other Performance Data 2012 -2015

Volunteer time *

*it is an ongoing challenge to accurately record volunteer time. Our estimate is that we are recording less than 60%.

Value of donations and in-kind contributions by businesses and private individuals is: $241,500

South Alive's own fundraisng: $21,304