South Alive Board

South Alive is governed by a board of Trustees. Current members are:

Robyn Hickman – (Chair) Principal, Aurora College

Colin Anderson, (Immediate past Chair) – Invercargill South Rotary

Marie Crowe, (Treasurer) – Neighbourhood Support

Margaret Cook – Habitat for Humanity

Gayle Hammond (nurse and local ratepayer)

Peggy Peek – Murihiku Marae

Geoff Thompson – Retired, local ratepayer

Steve Jo - Local Pharmacist

Jody Conway - Nga Hau e Wha marae, Fernworth Primary School Board

Although Trustees are appointed as individuals in their own right, we have shown their main affiliation in the above list to provide an idea of the diverse knowledge and backgrounds of the trustees.

South Alive Organisation Structure

Strategic Plan

Our current strategic plan covers 2013-3015. The four goals, and strategies are summarised below. You can read the whole plan, with projects and milestones here

Strategic plan 2015-2016

Goal 1 - UPGRADE

  • Making South Invercargill look better and work better by improving function and beauty.


  • Beautification and upgrading of public and private spaces.
  • Increase and improve amenities


  • Build community identification, pride, participation & connection


  • South Alive fulfils a co-ordinating and connecting role in South Invercargill.
  • Communicate and promote achievements to volunteers, supporters and the general public.

Develop or support events and projects that:

  • Promote community participation and/or inccrease community pride and/or showcase the community.
  • Events and projects thast bring the community together, increase participation or pride or showcase the community


  • Building community capability, resourcefulness and confidence.


  • Assisting community to identify issues and opportunities.
  • Developing strong strategic relationships and partnerships.
  • Developing linkages, partnerships and collaboration among sectors and neighbourhoods in the community.
  • Providing opportunities to develop required skills.


  • South alive continues to developer goveranace capabilities of Board and South Alive as an effective organisation.


  • The South Alive Board is competent, compliant and locally connected.
  • South Alive has sufficient volunteers with the right skills, representive of the community.
  • South Alive builds partnerships which facilitate access to sufficient funcing and in kind contributions to carry out its projects.

Effective systems and processes for:

  • Performance and measurement.
  • Financial measurement

Strategic Plan Download

  • South Alive - Strategic Plan.pdf